122: Solo | How To Manifest Positivity with the Power Of The Mind

We can’t control our thoughts, but we can control what we do with those thoughts. Growing up, Joseph felt a lot of hatred towards his father and he did not know how to process those thoughts, but he challenged himself to learn. He learned that he couldn’t do positive things if negative thoughts were dragging […]

121: Jenny Lisk | Widowed Parent Podcast featuring Joseph James

This is a very special episode. Jenny Lisk interviewed Joseph James about living through the death of his wife on her podcast, The Widowed Parent Podcast.  Joseph and Jennifer talk about how Joseph raised his children alone, how his children dealt with the death of his wife, and navigating life as a single parent.  Joseph […]

120: There Are 7 Types of Rest – What Do You Need the Most?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all need rest. We need to give ourselves a break.  Those with a workhorse mindset may feel like resting is a negative thing, but it is so crucial. In a previous episode, Joseph talked about Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual rest. In this episode, Joseph addresses […]

118: 3 Steps To Get Aligned With Your Goals

In today’s episode, Joseph James shares his story of getting out of your rut and finding yourself. Everything we go through in life prepares us for something better. There is always someone out there to keep you from your destiny. Know when you are in a slump. Take ownership of what you are going through. […]

117: Dwayne Staten | Power of Forgiveness Podcast ft. Joseph James

This is a very special episode, Joseph James was interviewed by Dwayne Staten, the host of the Power of Forgiveness Podcast. They talk about how Joseph felt like he could never do anything to win in life in the eyes of his father, how he came to forgive him, and how they became best friends. […]

116: 6 Simple Steps To Creating Achievable Goals

Let’s admit it, big changes to your life like divorce, death, career change, end of a relationship, can cause a major disconnect in the goals you previously had.  In this episode, Joseph shares that when he lost his wife and father within 22 days of each other, he didn’t have any goals in mind. All […]

114: Stop Avoiding Your Emotional Pain

Most people deal with pain in their life by avoiding or numbing the feelings they have. When Joseph James was growing up, he coped with his pain by avoiding putting himself in uncomfortable situations. All throughout his childhood, and even into adulthood this avoidance continued. In this episode, Joseph shares tips to deal with your […]

113: Gordon Corsetti | Using Mental Agility to Overcome Depression

To tackle mental health issues, you need a strategy. This could be talking to a therapist, doing inner work, visualizing, but regardless, there needs to be a strategy. When in the middle of a mental health crisis, it can be hard to see clear and create that strategy. This is where Gordon Corsetti comes in.  […]