153: “Why do people get stuck?” with Krystylle Richardson

Lady Krystylle Richardson is an entrepreneur who was born in Flint Michigan, a wealth innovation strategist, and an ordained minister. She’s teaching people and corporations how they can have at least ten sustainable and substantial streams of income, which is called Element 10, and creativity to cash flow. She is also the author of The 51 Powerful […]

152: Alpha Leadership-Being Authentic Part 2: Flipping the Script

In this episode: Joseph will talk about Alpha Leadership part 2 and the acronym of ALPHA. Learn what flipping the script is. Joseph will share his journey and how he flipped the script in his life story. Key Takeaways: Your thoughts, good or bad, lead to emotions, emotions lead to choice, your choice leads to habits, and […]

151: Alpha Leadership-Being Authentic: Part 1

In this episode, Joseph will talk about a title that is the creation of their leadership coaching and the launch of their book called Alpha Leadership. Joseph will tell us what Alpha is and is not and the acronym of ALPHA. Alpha leadership is based on Joseph’s experiences as a young man who grew up […]

149: What Does It Take To Be Unbroken with Michael Unbroken

On This episode: Michael shares his story about the childhood trauma that he went through. Joseph and Michael discuss their journey of learning different ways around survival. Michael comes across how to create a healthy body and mind. Learn about Joseph and Michael’s discussion about being the change you want to see in the world. […]

148: Be the Hero of Your Story

When you’re in a relationship, and you’re telling yourself, he does it because he loves you or loves you anyways, but he’s still treating you wrong, stop telling yourself the story because it gets you stuck. In this episode, Joseph shares about going through something that affects and holds us back that creates a story […]

147: The Journey and The Destination with Joseph Ortega

On this episode: We have an amazing guest – Joseph Ortega. His journey started at 14 years old, homeless and hungry for change. He came across “think and grow rich” and instantly changed his life. He started to sell clothes online for quick money, which led him to create his first business, a clothing brand […]

146: SOLO | Weather The Storm

It doesn’t take much to recognize when we’re in a storm. In this episode, I shared some actionable steps that one can take when experiencing a difficult situation or facing life’s trials and tribulations.   Key Takeaways: Always do your best to weather the storm. Don’t stop in the midst of your storm. You’re going […]

145: Solo | 5 Steps To Get Disciplined, and improve life

When you are disciplined, get your life in order so when you aren’t, everything doesn’t fall apart.  In Joseph’s life, there have been times he has excelled at being disciplined, but in times of grief and pain, he has failed. Joseph has been a member of the marine corps, law enforcement, homeland security, taught self-defence, […]

144: Finding Your Identity and Purpose

When you keep telling yourself the same story, nothing will change.  In this episode, Joseph James talks all about identity, and how most people prioritize the wrong thing. Changing your identity is something that many people struggle with for a whole lifetime.  If you want to change your identity, the vision of yourself must change. […]