077: Brandon Straza | Release Limiting Beliefs

Host of The Mastermind Effect Podcast, Brandon Straza believes that the right mastermind can be the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to personal development which is why he created The Success Finder App that focuses on helping cut through the noise, invest in oneself, and move past our natural limits. Learn more about working […]

076: Creating Goals + Vision for Your Future Self

On This Episode: Learn how to get out of the “funk” created by troubles life brings. Discover how you can create SMART goals. Key Takeaways: Think about the results you want to see. Create SMART goals Write your goals down. Create an action plan Create a timeline. Take action. Re-assess Tweetable Quote: Without vision, people […]

074: Creating Your Morning Routine for 2022

(replay) Struggling to establish a morning routine? Joseph shares the benefits and the practical steps to establish one that will help you heal. Before we can reach our goals and create a positive vision, we just need to start small. We need to stop thinking about all the negative things in our lives and think […]

073: Growing From Childhood Abuse with Michael James, Joseph’s Brother

(Replay) Family is so important to Joseph James, but as a child, it was quite difficult. He grew up with an abusive father and was very scared of rejection. In this episode, Joseph invites his brother, Michael James, onto the show. They discuss how they grew in their life and what they dealt with as […]

072: Joseph’s Journey Towards Purpose

In this episode, Joseph wants to retell his story. This podcast is growing so rapidly, Joseph would like to reconnect with his listeners! Message Joseph on Instagram (@meetjosephjames) or on Facebook (Joseph James or facebook.com/meetjoejames) On This Episode: Joseph shares how he learned to deal with feelings of abandonment, rejection, and abuse. Learn the danger […]

071: Jeremy Herider| Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

(Replay) Happy New Year! This episode is perfect for the new year. If your new year’s resolution is to become the best version of yourself, this is the episode for you. Joseph James is speaking with Jeremy Herider, the founder of Optimal Self, an organization dedicated to helping you create lasting, quality habits, that we […]

070: Stop Avoiding Your Trauma and Start Healing

Today’s episode is perfect for going into the new year. In this episode, Joseph James shares his tips on how to deal with trauma head-on. It is just instinct to want to avoid things that do not make us feel great. The way to heal is to stop avoiding pain and begin working through it […]

069: Michelle Jewberry | Forgiving Your Abuser To Heal Yourself

In this episode, my Joseph speaks with Michelle Jewberry, an international philanthropist and advocate. In July 2017 she founded a non-profit called Unsilenced Voices, an organization that inspires victims to break free of silence and assault.  Joseph met Michelle at the Ultimate Wealth Camp in Las Vegas, where Joseph was a speaker.  Michelle was a […]

068: Understanding and Healing from Triggers

Do you find yourself struggling with triggers? In this episode, Joseph James explains how he recently learned what triggers are and how to communicate with someone who struggles with them. Through the process of learning, he was able to understand how to be sensitive about others’ triggers, as well as how he was able to […]