063: How To Make The Most of Your Valuable Time.

(Replay) Time and life can pass us by very quickly. Are we making the best use of it? That is the topic of today’s solo episode. Time is the one thing that every living being on this planet has in common. None of us know exactly how much time we will have here on this […]

062: Dwayne Staten | Power of Forgiveness Podcast ft. Joseph James

This is a very special episode, Joseph James was interviewed by Dwayne Staten, the host of the Power of Forgiveness Podcast. They talk about how Joseph felt like he could never do anything to win in life in the eyes of his father, how he came to forgive him, and how they became best friends. […]

061: 6 Ways To Start Forgiving Yourself From Pain, Trauma and Guilt

(Replay) Happy Thanksgiving! In this episode, Joseph shares the 6 ways on how we can start forgiving ourselves as part of our own healing. It can be hard to stay thankful for everything positive in your life when you are in the middle of the bad, but a good way to start feeling thankful again […]

060. Women’s Wellness Expert Sharron Keogh | Reclaim your Time & Energy, Reestablish Yourself After Hitting Rock Bottom

In this episode, Joseph James speaks with Sharron Keogh is a women’s wellness expert who shows professional and entrepreneurial women transform their relationship with themselves so they can enjoy more clarity, have a greater sense of self-worth and self-belief, significantly improve wellness, and deeper connections with themselves and those around them.  She has experienced the […]

059: Let Pain Be Life’s Inspiration

In this episode, Joseph James shares how pain can become the thing that inspires and launches you. He tells a very personal story and how he turned his pain into purpose. While we do not know what others go through, we can support others by sharing our personal stories. You never know who you can […]

058: Rebuilding Broken Relationships | Self Love Revolution Summit

This is a very special episode. Joseph James was a featured speaker at the Self Love Revolution Summit that was streamed worldwide.  Joseph tells his whole story, including how he overcame hatred with his father and how he found the real purpose behind his pain.  He is interviewed by Jonathan Troen, a self-love mentor, life […]

057: Creating A Morning Routine For Healing

(replay) Struggling to establish a morning routine? Joseph shares the benefits and the practical steps to establish one that will help you heal. Before we can reach our goals and create a positive vision, we just need to start small. We need to stop thinking about all the negative things in our lives and think […]

055: How To Stop Avoiding Your Pain and Challenge It Head On (and win!)

(Replay) Most people deal with pain in their life by avoiding or numbing the feelings they have. When Joseph James was growing up, he coped with his pain by avoiding putting himself in uncomfortable situations. All throughout his childhood, and even into adulthood this avoidance continued. In this episode, Joseph shares tips to deal with […]