188: Dwayne Staten | Power of Forgiveness Podcast ft. Joseph James

This is a very special episode, Joseph James was interviewed by Dwayne Staten, the host of the Power of Forgiveness Podcast. They talk about how Joseph felt like he could never do anything to win in life in the eyes of his father, how he came to forgive him, and how they became best friends. […]

187: Creating a Winning Culture

In this episode, Joseph dives deep into the two key elements that can help you create a successful culture, be it in your business, marriage, or family relationships. Get ready for some powerful insights that can set you up for success in every area of your life. • Joseph shares his personal journey which has […]

186: Living a Legacy

What is worse than Losing? It’s winning at something that doesn’t matter. In this episode we are going to discuss 3 ways to build a legacy worth winning for. Key Takeaways: • Winning at what truly matters: The episode emphasizes the importance of prioritizing relationships with family, friends, and God over mere accomplishments or material […]

185: The Character Test

God commanded us to love one another as Christ has loved you. This is not only a model of leadership but also a test of our own character. In this episode: • Joseph emphasizes the significance of understanding how we influence people and the responsibility that comes with it. • Joseph delves into the dynamics […]

184: The Spiritual Leader of the Home

In this episode, Joseph dives into the topic of being the spiritual head of the home. He emphasizes the importance of taking on this role even before entering a relationship and shares personal experiences of rushing into relationships without fully developing himself as a leader. Joseph reflects on his journey of understanding that being a […]

183: Tips on Managing Your Emotional Triggers

Do you find yourself struggling with triggers? In this episode, Joseph James explains how he recently learned what triggers are and how to communicate with someone who struggles with them. Through the process of learning, he was able to understand how to be sensitive about others’ triggers, as well as how he was able to […]

182: Vision Your Way Through

On This Episode: Learn how to get out of the “funk” created by troubles life brings. Discover how you can create SMART goals. Key Takeaways: Think about the results you want to see. Create SMART goals Write your goals down. Create an action plan Create a timeline. Take action. Re-assess. Tweetable Quote: Without vision, people […]

181: From Devout Atheist to Devoted Christian | Seth Morozowski

Seth Morozowski is a former K9 Deputy and has started two companies. He was a devout atheist for many years but has seen a radical transformation over the past few months. On this episode: Seth shares how he was never taught how to process his emotions. Hear how growing up in a difficult home environment helped […]

180. The Hardest Person to Lead

In this captivating episode, Joseph delves into the challenging task of leading oneself. Whether it’s leading in a marriage, business, or as a parent, we all encounter situations where we need to lead others. In this Episode: • Joseph shares his personal experiences, drawing from his leadership style developed in the Marine Corps and influenced […]

179. Leading in marriage Gods way

In this episode: • Joseph opens up about his personal journey and the transitions he has experienced with the podcast. Joseph has embarked on a transformative path over the past several months. • Joseph shares his faith and emphasizes the importance of understanding the purpose behind life’s struggles. • Joseph introduces his coaching program, Alpha […]