178: Finding Your Identity and Purpose

When you keep telling yourself the same story, nothing will change. In this episode, Joseph James talks all about identity, and how most people prioritize the wrong thing. Changing your identity is something that many people struggle with for a whole lifetime. If you want to change your identity, the vision of yourself must change. […]

177: Turn Adversity into Assets with Tar’lese Rideaux

We all face difficult times in our lives that can lead to stress. How do we deal with it, learn from it, and manage it? Tar’Lese is no stranger to dealing with stress; however, she is not confined by it either. Listen to how Tar’Lese takes you from dealing with parents who committed suicide, to […]

176. Alpha Leadership-Being Authentic Part 2: Flipping the Script

In this episode: Joseph will talk about Alpha Leadership part 2 and the acronym of ALPHA. Learn what flipping the script is. Joseph will share his journey and how he flipped the script in his life story. Key Takeaways: Your thoughts, good or bad, lead to emotions, emotions lead to choice, your choice leads to […]

175: Alpha Leadership-Being Authentic: Part 1

In this episode, Joseph will talk about a title that is the creation of their leadership coaching and the launch of their book called Alpha Leadership. Joseph will tell us what Alpha is and is not and the acronym of ALPHA. Alpha leadership is based on Joseph’s experiences as a young man who grew up […]

173: Intentionally Fabulous with Kelli Calabrese

Divorce can be painful, ugly, depressing, but you can be refined, and redefine yourself to live an extraordinary bonus life filled with peace, joy, gratitude, self-love and celebration. Listen as Kelli helps women going through any stages of separation and divorce go from fearful to fearlessly pursuing what sets their soul on fire. On this […]

173: Lacey Pruitt | Overcoming 3x Colon Cancer to IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder

Lacey Pruitt is an IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder who has survived cancer three times. In 2018, just 10 months after her 2nd cancer diagnosis, she began training hard and getting ready for competitions. Lacey says that her cancer was just part of her journey to get to the bigger stage in life. Lacey shares how […]

172: From Devout Atheist to Devoted Christian | Seth Morozowski

Seth Morozowski is a former K9 Deputy and has started two companies. He was a devout atheist for many years but has seen a radical transformation over the past few months. On this episode: Seth shares how he was never taught how to process his emotions. Hear how growing up in a difficult home environment […]

171: Christina Patterson Wood | Finding Your Voice After Sexual Assault

Christina Patterson Wood is a dance instructor and directs one of the studio outreach programs that work one on one with at-risk youth. She also does admin support for Lousiville, Kentucky ministry that helps incarcerated men transition out of prison and back into society. Christina has the heart to use the arts to help at-risk […]

170: Kary Youman | Overcoming a Traumatic Past With Mindfulness and Meditation

You don’t have to have all the answers to make a difference. Kary Youman is a heart-centered facilitator and mindfulness coach dedicated to creating brave spaces for people to discuss and explore complex topics. Facilitating change through workshops on diversity, equity, inclusion, communication, radical kindness, mental health, and mindfulness, he is helping shift the way […]

169: Lets talk about Love

Relationships struggle simply because we try to control how the other person loves us or how we need them to love us. If we can understand or learn how our partner was influenced by love and what they learned, then we can see why they love us the way they do. Listen to this episode […]