143: How To Win Today

We’ve all experienced deep wounds that can last a lifetime. When we don’t practice forgiveness, we prevent healing and become the ones who are hurt in the long run. On This Episode: Joseph James shares the physical abuse he experienced as a child. Walk in a mindset of forgiveness, even when you’re in the heat of […]

141. Women’s Wellness Expert Sharron Keogh | Reclaim your Time & Energy, Reestablish Yourself After Hitting Rock Bottom

In this episode, Joseph James speaks with Sharron Keogh a women’s wellness expert who shows professional and entrepreneurial women transform their relationship with themselves so they can enjoy more clarity, have a greater sense of self-worth and self-belief, significantly improve wellness, and deeper connections with themselves and those around them.  She has experienced the highs […]

140: Solo | How To Manifest Positivity with the Power Of The Mind

We can’t control our thoughts, but we can control what we do with those thoughts. Growing up, Joseph felt a lot of hatred towards his father and he did not know how to process those thoughts, but he challenged himself to learn. He learned that he couldn’t do positive things if negative thoughts were dragging […]

139: Caleb Peterson | How to Feel Confident When No One Understands You

On This Episode: Caleb shares the difficulty of growing up as a “P.K.” (Pastor’s Kid.) Learn about the incredible bond Caleb has with his twin brother. Joseph and Caleb discuss the difficulty of having a strained relationship with strict fathers. Caleb felt like no one understood him growing up and the desire to commit suicide […]

138: Let Pain Be Life’s Inspiration | Solo

On this episode, Joseph shares about how pain can become the thing that inspires and launches you. Key Takeaways: The reason for our pain is different for everyone. You can walk with God and still feel hurt. We experience pain in life so we can share the experience with others. Tweetable Quotes: We cannot touch […]

137: Vinay Chary | How to Overcome Addiction and Transform Your Mind

Vinay Chary is the owner and Chief Instructor of Triumph Krav Maga/Monkey Bar Gym in New Orleans. He also holds a Krav Maga Worldwide 2nd Degree Black Belt and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt under Professor Matthias Meister.  On This Episode: Vinay shares his experiences growing up as an Indian in a majority white area. […]

136: Action Steps to Move Forward | Solo

In This Episode: Learn what action steps you can take to overcome pain and rejection. Joseph opens up about his negative experiences in his childhood and the searing pains of loss he has experienced. Learn the danger of seeking approval and constantly trying to fix everything. Key Takeaways: Forgive yourself. Create goals, dreams, and visions […]

135: Shawn Oddo | Strong in the Face of Adversity

In this episode, Joseph sits down with Shawn Oddo. Shawn is the founder and owner of Valhalla Training Grounds. Valhalla is Louisiana’s FIRST and ONLY private, hardcore, training facility among an abundance of mediocre corporate gyms. They have created an environment for those serious about their health and fitness goals, without the distracting non-sense found at other gyms. In […]

134: Creating A Morning Routine For Healing

(replay) Struggling to establish a morning routine? Joseph shares the benefits and the practical steps to establish one that will help you heal. Before we can reach our goals and create a positive vision, we just need to start small. We need to stop thinking about all the negative things in our lives and think […]