When you keep telling yourself the same story, nothing will change. 

In this episode, Joseph James talks all about identity, and how most people prioritize the wrong thing. Changing your identity is something that many people struggle with for a whole lifetime. 

If you want to change your identity, the vision of yourself must change.

How we feel about our own lives is so important. We create an identity for ourselves about how we talk, look, act, and even who we interact with so we can keep up a certain look or idea of ourselves

But when your profession becomes your identity, something certainly needs to change. Joseph experienced this first hand, and in this episode, tells the story of how he was able to change his mindset around this. 

If your identity is work, and if your job changes, your job changes your life feels meaningless. 

In this episode:

Key Takeaways:

Tweetable moments:

“Align your future with where you want your identity to be.”

“If I want a different future, I have to change how I think now.”

“Change your mindset, change your world.”

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