In this episode, Joseph dives deep into the two key elements that can help you create a successful culture, be it in your business, marriage, or family relationships. Get ready for some powerful insights that can set you up for success in every area of your life.

• Joseph shares his personal journey which has evolved into the transformative Alpha Leadership program.

• Joseph reflects on a powerful experience he had with an organization that mastered the art of building a winning culture.

• He emphasizes that creating a successful culture involves more than just creating an atmosphere; it’s about shaping the environment in which you want to thrive.

• Joseph also delves into the impact of trust and vision in building winning cultures.

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Key Takeaways:

1. “Pain is a part of life, but with the right guidance, you can turn that pain into purpose.”

2. “Something that to win in life, you have to reinforce winning cultures.”

3. “Strategy is your plan if everything goes right.”

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Hey everyone, and welcome to another great show of Purpose Through Pain Podcast. I am your host, Joseph James, and tonight we are going to talk about two things that can help you build a successful culture, whether that's in your business, your marriage, your family relationships, it doesn't matter. Two particular things, two very important things. Stay tuned because Alpha Leadership, Purpose Through Pain is going to bring it tonight. Two powerful things right here on building a culture that will set you up for success in pretty much every area of your life.

Guys, for those that don't know me, my name is Joseph James. I'm the host of profession of my other business. There we go of purpose through pain. Purpose Through Pain has been making a big shift over the last couple months into our leadership program called Alpha Leadership. We are helping not only men and women as individuals, but also couples to come together, build stronger marriages, and breaking that crazy marriage cycle. Building cycles worth coming home to. So we're working with leadership and yes pain is still a big, huge part of the podcast because we all go through painful experiences in life. But we want to help you guys take that pain, find the purpose, and right now what we've been working on with is leadership as well as marriage. So what are the two things? What are the two things that can help you? Cultivate and build a culture that's worth coming home to, that's worth going to work towards that's worth being a part of, and one of those things and I'm gonna talk a little bit about culture to begin before I dive deep into it, is I remember years ago going into this go into some training and this particular organization every morning, 8:30, 9 o'clock, they had a massive staff meeting. I'm talking about a hundred twenty five, a hundred thirty people, okay. And we were able to be a part of it, and they gathered in this big room, big circle, and the first thing that they did is they opened up the floor to whoever had successes, and so each department would share their different success, I was floored by it, I was absolutely just amazed at what they were doing because it was something that I was at the time missing in my own business. Now, I'm not just here to talk about business tonight. Is, if you think about it, what is it that you are missing in your relationship with your children? What is it that you're missing in your relationship with your spouse? What is it that you're missing in your friendships or whatever the case may be, no matter where you're at the places that you go, what are you missing? And ultimately, no matter what the environment that you're in, no matter the culture that you're in, if you don't create the culture that you want, then you're ultimately creating the culture that you accept, okay. And to have a successful business, to have a successful marriage, to have successful being successful parents and raising children, that, let's just say that we would want to go on and do better things, better than us, that we keep them outta trouble or keep them off of alcohol or drugs or whatever the case is, okay? We all measure success differently, but ultimately, no matter what is, we have to have a culture, and that's what this organization, this company was doing, is they were building a culture, it's something that I didn't even have within my business. It's not that I wasn't running a good business, but I didn't create the atmosphere. I'm gonna put this in a different text for you. Culture's more than just creating is more than just an atmosphere, but it's creating the atmosphere in which we want. It's more than just success, it's more than just Building a program or making a certain amount of money, but it's creating the atmosphere in which we want to live, which we want to thrive, which we want to be in. And during our marriage coaching, is we want to build marriages worth coming home, torts or coming home too, so we shape our culture. And our culture shapes us, we see it every day depending on what part of the countries that you you grow up in or you're raised in, whether you're born into, let's just say wealth or whether you're born into poverty, either culture shapes us or we shape our culture. Now, there have been a lot of people that have grown into poverty stricken families, it wasn't their choice. They were born into it, but they were able to get out of it, they made money. They became successful and they shaped their culture instead of allowing their culture to shape them, okay? So you know, in something that to win in life, you have to reinforce winning cultures, you have to win in reinforce winning values and by reinforcing winning values gives us the ability to win in different areas of our life. Our strategy is what we're trying to do, think about that, what I'm doing day to day, is a strategy, whether it's in my marriage, whether it's in raising children, whether it is in getting past the pain of my previous wife and her death of cancer and my father all in the same 22 days of each other, or even building a business. What the way I go about it is a strategy, it's what I actually do is the culture. What I'm actually building is the culture strategy without the ability to execute, wishful thinking, I'm gonna say that again. Strategy without the ability to execute, strategy without the ability to execute is wishful thinking. Strategy is your plan if everything goes right, I'm gonna say that again. Strategy is your plan is everything, if everything goes right, however, culture is your repeated response. Culture is your repeated response to adversity. Now winning culture helps create winners, it helps create and find the why behind the what, why do you do what you do? And ultimately, it's winning cultures that produce that. If you look at Professional sports, those that have won multiple times after time, it all has to do with their culture. It's not necessarily all about the athlete or all about one individual. It's definitely not about one individual, but it's about the culture in which they create. Okay, so a couple things, and this is what I want to talk to you tonight about, is we create, what you create has to do with your culture, and what you allow has to do with your culture. So what we create is a success to is the, is the culture, is us shaping our culture. But what we allow is a culture shaping us. So let me ask you the question. Are you struggling in an area in your life? Maybe it's your faith, maybe it's your finances, maybe it's your friends or your family, maybe it's your relationship, your marriage, your business. What you create and what you allow. Am I creating an atmosphere? Am I creating a culture worth coming home to? Am I creating a culture worth being married? Am I creating the culture? Because if you're not creating it, you're allowing it, and if you're allowing it and you don't like it, there's nobody else to blame. There's nobody else to point the fingers at. There's nobody else to say and ask questions to, but you yourself, 'cause you can't shift the blame on somebody else. What you allow will build a culture, what you create will also build a culture, what kind of culture are you creating? What kind of culture you living in? What kind of creates what kind of culture are you allowing to happen in your own life? You have to be clear on who you are and what you're not. If we're not clear on what we do, it's casting vision, casting vision for your marriage, for your business, for your family, for your friends, whatever it may be, okay? People talk about vision boards. You want to dream up something, okay? And bring that into your own fruition. Great, love it. Create them, okay? But what you c create, you can have otherwise you're allowing it. So Simon Sinek says this, a team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people that trust each other, and in that process of trusting is how you build winning cultures. You have to be clear, like I said, on who you are and what you're not. Don't try to be somebody else, don't try to be another team, another family. The Jones is down the street, okay? You're trying to be the best version of who you are each and every day, you're trying to be the best version, not by being perfect, but by growing every single day, culture is contagious. We're social animals, and I'm gonna read this, we're social animals. We observe and repeat the language and behavior of the people we're around, that's why it's so critical. We constantly reinforce and encourage winning language and behavior and challenge losing mindsets, very powerful statement. If you've never been in a winning culture, if you've truly never been in a winning culture, it's hard to know what you're missing. But for those that have, if it's hard to keep building one or holding onto the hope that something better exists it's almost like saying this right here. You're struggling in your relationship with your spouse and your wife keeps on saying to you, man, is I wish, I just wanna spend time together, I wanna spend time together, and your response is if we can just hold off one more week until vacation, if we can just hold off till vacation, we'll get to spend time thinking that's going to fix it, it's wishful thinking, it doesn't exist. No one wants to go to a job they hate every day or come home to toxic interactions with their spouse or inside their home with their children, but it's all. But if it's all, it becomes difficult to expect anything different. If it's all, if toxicity is all you know, then it's hard to expect something different. The team gets to decide how healthy they want to be. A team gets to decide how healthy they want to be in the culture that they are producing, are you producing a team winning culture that's within your business? That's within your family, that's within your marriage? I hope you guys enjoy this tonight.

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