When tragedy hits someone close to you, what do you do? What do you do if it continues to happen to you? In this episode Orrick Quick Sr. discusses how he went from dying twice, holding his mom while she passes away, but having a communication with God that brought him through it all to live a life of abundance, victory and walking in God’s favor.

Orrick is the proud owner of Oak Tree Publishing LLC, a company that helps individuals bring their creative ideas to life through books, music, and stage performances. He believes that our past does not have to define our future, and that with the right mindset and guidance, we can all achieve our dreams.

Orrick’s personal experience with near-death encounters and communication with the spiritual world has led him to become a trailblazing motivational speaker, life coach, and mentor. He is passionate about teaching others how to communicate with their creator and fulfill their unique purpose in life.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration and guidance on how to overcome tragedy and find your way towards a life of purpose and abundance, this is the episode for you. Tune in now to hear the incredible story of Orrick R. Quick Sr. and learn how you too can find your way towards your dreams.

Key Takeaways:

• It’s okay to submit and when you’re strong, and it’s definitely okay to submit when you’re weak.

• When we communicate with God, he literally is the game changer.

• There are things that are going to go through in our life that we have no control over.

• You can go so much farther with others than you can by yourself.

Tweetable Moments:

1. “All things work together for your good.”

2. “The setback is a setup for a comeback.”

3. “Sometimes it’s better to take the steps back so you can take the right approach.”

4. “Unexpected actions always create unscheduled miracles.”

5. “There is no greater collaboration than working with God.”

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Joseph: Hey everyone, and welcome to another great show of Purpose Through Pain Podcast. The gentleman today, he is going to be sharing with us how he survived two accidents, and I'm talking about two deadly car accidents. Living his life in a coma, learning how to walk two different times, all while under the age of 15. Was in a body cast, later on in life, he lost his mother in his own arms, and this is a gentleman that I've been able to share the stage with phenomenal speaker and even beyond that, he has a call of God on his life and he shares his message of hope, he spares his message of God's salvation as his own church, he's in North Carolina. I won't be mad at him that he is a North Carolina State graduate, even though I'm a UNC Tar Hill fan. God will forgive him for that, there's a place in the back of heaven for him along with all the Cowboy fans, right. My friend, my good brother, Orrick Quick, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Orrick: Oh, man, thank you, man. It's a pleasure and a joy to be with you, brother.

Joseph: Yes, sir, yes sir. Man, so you've gone through some hell.

Orrick: Oh, man, I'm just, when you've gone through so much, you know, as much as I've gone through, you begin to ask yourself, man, how old are you?

Joseph: Right, yeah. It's like, man, I've been through so much. It's just like, man, I'm only 44 , you know? Brother. So, take me back, man. So, what was your, of course you were close with your mom, and I know that you were in the car accidents before that, but what was your upbringing like? Did you have a great, phenomenal relationship with your mom? You know, what was that for you that even when you were in the car accidents, like, how did you get through it?

Orrick: Well, you know, my mom, me and my mom had a very close bond because, you know, when she was carrying me, the doctor wanted her to abort. And so she just really just stood on the word of God, stood on what, you know, stood on the scriptures and just decided that, and the thing was, she got diagnosed with lupus while she was carrying me. And so the doctor said, Hey, if you don't abort this baby, the baby could die, you could die, both of you could die or even if the baby lives, he's gonna be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Now, I'm not a vegetable, I might like vegetables, but I'm not a vegetable. So, but I'm grateful, that she did not give up on me. So that's what really created that closeness between, you know, me and my mom. And of course, you know, just going through all the different things, getting hit by a car at the age of five years old, dying in the streets. And so God just had a purpose, man. I'm just grateful, man. Every day I'm just greatful.

Joseph: Wow. So how did you know that, like with your mom? At what age did she tell you that she was told by doctors to abort, to end your life, to save hers?

Orrick: Yeah, man. She, my parents, they raised me up in the church and I literally had to write out my testimony every single day. My mom would not allow me to forget what God had done for me.

Joseph: Dude, that's powerful, man.

Orrick: Yeah, yeah. Everyday.

Joseph: That just like every day, man, to know and understand that I mean, ‘cause how many times are we going through life that we're just, we don't, we focus so much on the busyness, we focus so much on the negativity, we focus on the things that are going right and we totally just, sometimes just, it gets in the way of knowing and understanding what we have in life, regardless of your phase, you know, like ‘cause we're on the same sheet of music, I know where God has brought me out of you, you know, but some people that may be listening, they may not have a relationship with God, but just simply the fact that you're living, that you're breathing, that you have children, that you have a job or you know you're going through a transition. The fact that you're still here on this earth, you know, is a blessing regardless of where you, where it comes from or where people will, may acknowledge it, man that. Dude like that right there, man, even just riding that out and reading that out daily, man can change somebody's life.

Orrick: Absolutely, absolutely. And that's exactly what happened to me. I started to develop a relationship with God at a very young age. And so, and that was part of the reason why I was so angry with God when my mom passed away, you know, I was really upset with God because I'm like, Hey man, you know, we talked, you know, why didn't you let me know that this was going to happen or why did it happen? And you got, you got all these criminals out here, why take one of them guys, you know? But don't take my mom, you know, at the age of 15 years old, I really needed her in my life at that particular time. But God showed me that if my mom would not have died, I wouldn't be the man I am today.

Joseph: Yeah. Wow, wow. There's always a purpose through things, man.

Orrick: It's always a purpose.

Joseph: Yeah. You know, that's one thing of course with the podcast being called Purpose Through Pain, you know, pain is life's greatest teacher, it can also be life's biggest crutch. You had that choice or to be like, okay, God, I'm mad, I'm questioning, I don't like what you did and completely turn your back on God, okay. It could have, it could have went a whole another way, but you know, the amazing thing about it is that when we truly do, it's okay to submit, right? It's okay to submit and when you're strong, and it's definitely okay to submit when you're weak. And because when we're weak and we sumit, who does it put, let's just call it pressure, who does it put the responsibility on, the pressure on? Not us, it puts it on God. And it allows him to be like, okay, I finally got you where I want you, so I can actually take control now. Man, so going back to, to, I know we're bouncing around back and forth, but, so you were hit by a car at five, you died from it, what happened? How did that even happen?

Orrick: Okay, so man, whew, man. Throughout my entire life, you know, my father has always communicated with God, my mom has always communicated with God, and that's the reason why I'm really here, you know, creative communication has really just set my life on fire. Well, when I got hit by that car in the streets, God told my dad, my dad scooped me up in his arms, I was gone dead, bleeding outta my nose, my ears, my mouth gone, and when he picked me up, my foot was near my head, because my pelvis was broken. When I got hit by that car, imagine a five year old child, licking, disfigured, and he scooped me up in his arms and said, God, please don't take my baby, please God, don't take my baby. And he heard God immediately say, if you stay close to him, I won't let him die. And so he rode with me in the ambulance, even when they had to take me back to operate him, operate on me, they said, pastor Quick, we gotta work on him. And he said, look, God told me to stay close to him, and the doctor said, okay, well just come back with us, the only thing that's gonna separate you and your son is this sheet, we're gonna pull this sheet over, you stay right here and pray while we operate on him. And so, man, when we communicate with God, he literally is the game changer. He's gonna show us what to do.

Joseph: Yeah, man. So, you talk about creator communication, right. You know, and talking about communicating with God, for those that are listening, man, because this can be always a hard subject for people, it's like, how do I talk to God? You know, as a pastor and as a believer, what would you say to people that may or may not know God or maybe just, you know, ‘cause here's the thing is, God listens to his people regardless of whether or not he lives in your heart. He listens to us because if he was willing to send us on to die for people that he did not know, for people that did not know him, don't you think that he's just willing to listen to us? So how would you tell people how they can communicate to God?

Orrick: Yeah, so you know, it's very similar to, you know, when we just, when we had our first child, Victoria, I was talking to my wife's stomach every single night, I was singing lullabies, I mean, I was communicating with our child regardless if she knew me or not, I was still communicating with her. And so we don't realize that God has been talking to us this whole time, we think it's our conscience, we think it's us talking to us. But this whole time he's been talking to us, just like I've been talking to my daughter. She didn't know who I was, she didn't know that I'm her father, but when she came outta that womb…

Joseph: She recognized your voice.

Orrick: The doctor picked her up, she's crying, crying, crying, and I started singing the exact song that I sang, and she immediately stopped crying, looked over to me and opened up her eyes and looked right at me. And so it's the exact same thing with God. God is just waiting for us to recognize, Hey, wait a minute, it's you, that's you. You've been talking to me this whole time. And God has been talking to us. It's just a matter of the fact, are we listening?

Joseph: So, right. No, that's good stuff, brother. I really like that. I'm gonna have to use that creator communication, I'll give you credit, but I'm gonna have to use it. Man, ‘cause it's like, you know, when, you know, there's no doubt there was a million things probably going through your dad's mind, you know, but, and it's like, you know, when we can think about something, sometimes we can, we can pray the house, we can pray the fire down, right. But when all of a sudden, the reality of is like, God, I know all these things to say, but I only end up saying, God, don't let my son die, and, but I love what you said, it's like when God spoke to your dad, if it wasn't the communication that he had always been having, how was he ever going to recognize the voice of God when he said that. So of course you're here, so we know that you live through it, but what happened after that? What was taking place? You're in the operating room, your dad is there praying, your dad also being a pastor, what happened after that?

Orrick: Yeah, so they, they most have, well they lost me a couple times and they said to my mom and my dad that, he's in a coma, he may not recognize anyone, he may not remember anything, he may not recognize anyone face or anything like that, and so, because of the extreme brain damage, and so, man, the saints came in and just flooded the room and just started praying for me, and they had no idea the doctor said, we don't know when he is gonna wake up, we have no idea when he's gonna wake up, he's in a coma. And when they went in there and prayed for me, I ended up waking up that same day. That same night, and recognized everybody in the room. So you can imagine the excitement that was in the room.

Joseph: A revival hitting that place. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. So you were at the age of five Now this wasn't the first time this happened that, were in an accident. What happened next?

Orrick: So the next one was when, I guess my mom and dad, they was tag teaming. So I guess it's now my mom's turned. So at 11 years old I was in another car deadly car accident, I was in the back seat. I'll never forget that night, I was in the back seat in the middle, and my sister was driving and it was all accident. She didn't see the stop sign and so she drove straight through a stop sign, another car T-boned us, we flipped three or four different times and landed on the roof of the car, all four tires are sticking up in the air. Well, when my mom heard the accident, she ran on foot to get there. We had just had a church service at a church member's home, and so they both ran to the accident. Well, I'm nowhere to be found, everybody's crawling out the car except for me. Well, God showed her where I was, I had flew out the back windshield of the car and the car had flipped on top of me, oh my goodness. And for years, for years, I was telling the wrong story. I kept telling people, Hey man, I want, I guess, you know, people you know, ran over and helped my mom lift the, lift the car off of me, well, the woman who ran with my mom that, overheard me telling the incorrect story. She said, whoa, baby, let me tell you what happened, I was there when your mom saw you under that car. She lifted the car by herself, flipped you on your back, slapped you on your forehead, and commanded that you would live, and brother I've been living ever since.

Joseph: Wow, man, you talking about just the enemy, you know, having a target on your life from the possible abortion, to dying at the five years old, to now again, now, were you pronounced dead at all on this one?

Orrick: Yes. And I was dead then, I died again.

Joseph: Wow. So twice dying, you know, the first time what, what, you know, the, the possible abortion things like that, man. It's like, you know, how could you not know and how could you not be thankful, you know, for the calling of God on your life, you know? So then of course you were 13 and then two years later your mom passed.

Orrick: Yeah. And because of, you know, when she was diagnosed with lupus, you know, we all know what lupus does to your organs. You know, it really breaks them down, and so she was on the oxygen tank and, you know, I was able, I was strong enough to carry my mom in my arms, before she died in my arms. And so, it was most definitely devastating, I'll never forget that night, you know? And, you gotta almost, you gotta forgive yourself because sometimes you can try to, you know, condemnation man, it'll just rip you to shreds, and so the very thought kept popping up, what if I would've called the ambulance a lot earlier or what if I would've called 911 earlier? All these different thoughts. And so, I most definitely called, but of course they didn't get there in time.

th of:

Orrick: Absolutely, absolutely.

Joseph: Now, it's you and your dad, your mom has passed away, you know, there's no doubt at 15 years of age, I can't fathom what that's like, you know, I see my kids, you know, they were 10 and eight, and then one when their mom passed away, and it can still be a struggle, you know? What went on in your life? Did you, because I know you said, you questioned God, you asked God why, like what happened with your relationship with God? Did it bring you closer? Did it kind of like push you away a little bit? What happened there?

Orrick: Yeah, it most definitely pushed me away in the beginning. I really didn't want to talk to him, I didn't want to, you know, but every night when I was crying myself to sleep over my mom, he would always talk to me anyway, he would always say Orrick, I'm here, it's gonna be all right, and I could hear it, I'm like, why? And I would still talk and, you know, let him know, express to him how upset I was that he allowed this to happen. But at that age, I couldn't really process it because you can't really process your pain while you're in pain. And so it's almost after you come out of, then you can look back and say, oh, okay, I understand now. And so, everything that happened to me happened for a reason, and it happened for my growth, for my progress, for me to be the man that, I mean, everything lined up, I mean, even with my, who I married, everything, my children, everything lined up all from that purpose from happening in my life.

Joseph: Yeah. You know, it's, it's always hard to look while you're going through pain, you know, to find out where it can be. But it's like even when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, it's like when people would share testimonies about how their life was changed through our story, then you see us like, okay, it was worth it. It doesn't make it easier, it doesn't necessarily take the pain away but you realize then the struggle was worth it. You know, and that I was a big realization for me. And what would you say the same for you, is that everything that you went through now looking back, you're like, yeah, it was worth it?

Orrick: Absolutely. And I wanna say this because this is one of the, times that really helped me, I was, this is probably after I, even after I got married, God showed me this, but I was meditating the word of God, just spending time with the scriptures. And I went into this trance and all of a sudden I could see my mom walking into heaven. And I'm like, whoa, what is this? And so, a loud voice said, you can go back if you want to, as if you know she can be resuscitated and come back to the earth. But then the voice said, well, she turned around to come back to the earth, but then the voice said, but if you go back, your children and so many people will not be who they need to be. And she turned right back around and marched straight into heaven, and that showed me, he said, Orrick, I know it was hurtful, I know it was painful, but everything, all things work together for your good, everything that happened, it happened for your growth and so that you could be the man that I've called you to be.

ke when my mom passed away in:

Orrick: My mom was 54.

Joseph: Yeah, wow, even though my dad, like we had a relationship, it was still, it was almost like, well, if I could have chose between the two, I would've chosen to kept my mom here on earth, because I lived, I loved my mom a lot more, I had a better relationship with my mom. And I still tell people, it's like I still had some hatred and resentment towards my dad, but yet it was my mom's death that was the turning point or the changing point for my dad to break and to ask his children for forgiveness. And that was the start of the healing process that when my dad passed away, 14 years later, he died, my best friend. This is something I didn't have a relationship with. And I'm like, you know, if I would be thinking, let's say that I was doing everything I'm doing today, my story would be different, it would've been my mom lived and we went on to have a great relationship but my dad, nah, not so much. You know, my, I would've never said my dad died, my best friend, I would've never been talking about forgiveness, I would've never been talking about the healing that took place, I would've never been talking about the brokenness, I would've been talking about tarnished relationships, I would've been talking about hurt, I would've been talking about being the victim, you know, instead. Man, look what God did, look what happened over the years. And to sit there and say that something that I struggled with and wanted from my dad as a child, I wanted the affirmations, I wanted the verbal, I love you, I wanted the verbal, I'm proud of you. I don't remember a lot of that, right. Because I was 6, 7, 8 years of age, but what I remember that's so great that I brag about today is that when I'm in my forties, you know, my dad is sitting there telling people and bragging about his children. A year or two before he's, you know, passes away, that's the thing I remember. And that's the thing that flooded. And so I'm like, okay, God, it was worth, because it was that thing that I didn't see at that time, you know, my own vision, my own selfish reasons, my own heart, things like that, that if my mom wouldn't have died, and let's just say it was my dad, I would've never been telling a story, I would've been telling a whole different story.

Orrick: Yeah, yeah. It's amazing how God, it is painful, but he's setting us up the whole time.

Joseph: Yeah. It's funny you say that because you know, Bishop Jakes always says, you know, the setback is a setup for a comeback, you know? And, that's right, truly is. You know, and it goes back to, what you said earlier, the creator communication is, and I wanna tell people, listen, there is nothing wrong with asking God why. There's nothing wrong with it, people was like, oh, you can't ever question God. Well, tell me where you can't.

Orrick: Exactly.

Joseph: You know? And because, the last time I checked about the word of God says, you have not because you asked not or ask and you shall receive. Well, isn't why a question? And I remember when my mom passed away, I said, God, why did my mom? And he showed me. He revealed it to me, you know? The night my wife was passing away, I didn't have to ask why, because God revealed the reason before I ever even had to ask the question. Because why? Probably ‘cause he knew I was gonna ask it, you know? But not only that, it's like what he, what he begins to show us, in the process And I look at this analogy right here, I kind of got this analogy a couple years ago, you know, people always say things like, man, every time I take three steps forward, I get knocked back five, right? you know? We've heard that saying, right? And then we feel like we're not making any grounds. But imagine this for yourself, imagine you're up against a tree line, you're up against the forest, okay? Everything behind you is just cleared, but everything in front of you is complete forest, if you're right there, one step before walking in, can you truly see where the best path is? You can't because everything looks the same. However, if you take a couple steps back, and you're able to look down right and left down the tree line, you're able to see the best path.

Orrick: Absolutely.

Joseph: So sometimes it's better to take the steps back so you can take the right approach.

Orrick: Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely.

Joseph: You know, so, yeah, brother. So the abortion, dying twice, your mom passing away, how has that led to you or where are you at now and your relationship? Is your dad still living?

Orrick: Yeah, yeah, He's turning 90 years old this year.

Joseph: Wow, man, that's amazing. Now, is he still preaching?

Orrick: Yes.

Joseph: Are you serious? Does he have, does he still have a church?

Orrick: So, yeah. So basically, we're almost tag teaming in a sense, I'm the, senior pastor of the church, I came and just to come back and help him because of course he's getting older, but, he preaches every first Sunday and I preach all the other Sundays, but I'm the pastor of the church and he's still preaching man.

Joseph: Wow. That's amazing, man.

Orrick: He had me when he was 50 years old.

Joseph: Wow, that's amazing. So y'all have a phenomenal relationship even after your mom passed away. How has that been, when she passed away at 15, how has that transformed your life?

Orrick: Yeah, man. You know, and just like your story, man,we didn't, me and my dad didn't have the best relationship while my mom was living, you know, but it just matured and it got better and better and better and better because, you know, we had no other choice but to try to make it work, right? And so, you know, it was me, my brother Oliver, and my dad all living in the same home, after my mom passed away. And so our relationship, most definitely, it got better, because it kind of forced us to lean on one another and to encourage one another along the way.

Joseph: Yeah. And that kind of goes back to that creator communication, right? We're designed to create or to communicate not only with God, our heavenly Father, but man, the people that he puts in our life.

Orrick: That's right.

Joseph: So you're in the middle of a lot of things right now that ultimately has been formed from the story that has been created and continuous is continue its creation or its writing more chapters, so you have the church there in North Carolina, okay? Now you're in, hold on, you told me at some point. You're not in, are you in Greensboro or where? Ashford.

Orrick: High Point.

Joseph: High Point, that's it. High point. So, of course, I joke with you about being a State fan, and I know that you went there and you played ball and stuff like that. And like I said, you know, there's still a place in heaven for you, okay. I've never seen, I've seen pink skies, I've never seen a red one. So we know God's favorite color is not red, okay? But we have seen Carolina Blue all day long. We've even seen when God's mad, we see, duke colors, right? Dark blue.

Orrick: Hey, hey, just never forget we all bleed red. We all bleed red, we all bleed red.

Joseph: Right, you got me on that one, man. You got me on that one, you know. So, kind of being funny, growing up in Jacksonville, North Carolina, not too far from High Point, I think it's about two hours, I think. We grew up die hard Tar Hill fans. We hated state and don't ever talk about, okay, all right. And, but that's how we grew up, we grew up watching Michael Jordan, you know, Dean Smith, you know, and then of course, coach Williams and now even Coach Hubert Davis, you know, which I watched Hubert Davis as an athlete, as a basketball player. Now I get to see him coaching the Tar Hills. So, it's just funny, but, you're there, you've got the pastoring of your church, your dad's, you know, the bishop there, I guess I should say, you know, but you're working on a lot of other things, you've been on the Dr. O show, you've got, you're a co-host to a tv, station or television show. Tell us a little bit about that and how that has been catapulted you in some things.

Orrick: Oh man. So, going back to creator communication, one day I'm reading the word of God and God whispers in my ear, Hey, I want you to call this local television station and just tell them your testimony, I'm like, for what? I mean, what am I doing? What is this for? He says, don't worry about the details, just tell them. And so I called, got the station manager on the phone, and just told him my testimony. I said, sir, I don't even know why I'm talking to you, God told me to call you. So I'm just, I'm just telling, I'm just doing what he told me to do. When I got finished telling him, he said, sir, you had no idea that I've been looking for a story. And I want you to come in and in, I want to interview you, I want to interview you about your story, everything that happened to you, and let me tell you something, man. Oh my gosh. So I'm there. I'm getting ready to get ready for the interview, all these different things. And so the same guy who I talked to, the station manager walks in, well, let me go back. One of the technicians says, pastor Quick, is this how you spell your church name? I say, yes, sir. Well, the station manager came in right behind him and said, oh, don't worry about it. It ain't like somebody, call him from California and fly him in there, he was trying to be funny, right. So I'm like, bro, you have no idea what God has in store for me. I kinda laugh, I smiled it off, I didn't say anything, and immediately after that interview I got a email and the email said, my name is Darice Rollins, I'm a movie producer, I need to talk to you today. I'm like, man, this old boot led movie producer, I'm not calling this person back, I don't know, I don't have time for this. And the spirit said, call him back. I said, okay, I'll see what this is about. So I called the person, the person said, pastor Quick, I've been looking for you. I said, okay. She said, I want to know if you would be willing to audition for a part. I said, what am I gonna be doing? She said, you're just gonna be giving your biblical perspective on today's topics. I said, sure, hey, I can do that. And so I said, ma'am, how did you find me? She said, well, let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Darice Rollins, I helped produce Wild Hogs, big Mama's House, little Rosco Jenkins, all of Martin Lawrence productions. She said, I was head over Martin Lawrence whole production. I said, okay, this is not bootleg.

Joseph: You know what you're doing.

Orrick: So immediately after that we're talking. She said, well, I'm gonna set up the Skype interviews and everything with the production tea, they're gonna call you all this. I said, ma'am, before we get off this phone, I just need to ask you one question, where are you calling? California.

Joseph: California, geez, come on.

Orrick: The exact same place, the exact same day he said I would not get a call from. And months down the road, I'm getting off of my job, I got a voicemail that simply says, Hey, this is Camara Mathis, which is Judge Math's daughter who she's doing all the legal paperwork, she says, pastor Quick, I wanna know, are you available during this date because we wanna fly you to California for the chemistry test, I'm like, whoa, what is going on here? And all of that stem from creative communication, being able, because that's what creative communication does, it accelerates things, it's like spiritual loopholes. You skip over things, it's like a fast track. And so, man, when I say that, it just opened up so many doors, so of course I got selected as the four, it was, um, John Gray, Jamal Bryant, Dr. E Dewey Smith, and myself Orrick Quick, and we were all on Fox, we were coming on after the Wendy Williams show. And so, and at that time we were competing against the Steve Harvey Show. And so it was just an amazing experience, but it taught me that if I just keep communicating with the creator, he's gonna fast track my life.

Joseph: Man, that's so good, dude. I mean, just like you said it, man, like it's an accelerator program, it accelerates, you know, because ultimately God has the inside, track.

Orrick: That's it. Yeah, yeah.

Joseph: He was, he's the very person, it's like, you know, having access, it's like knowing somebody that when you go to a concert or a football game and they can get you in backstage or they can get you in, the better, quicker they can get you in the VIP access and you don't have to do anything, it's just because of the relationship.

Orrick: There we go.

Joseph: You know, man, I'm right there a preach brother.

Orrick: Come on man.

Joseph: We're gonna be tag team preaching, you know. Wow, so you've done that, you've been on the Dr. Oz, you know, and right now you're in the middle of writing a book. Tell me about that book, is this about your life and the deaths and your mom? Tell me about that.

Orrick: Well, so, of course we just released, developed through Darkness, the difference between being planted and being buried. And so that, that was last Christmas, we just released that. And I'm always working on my next project, always working on the next book and all these different things, I'm working on next collaboration book called Develop Through Darkness, finding Victory in the Valley, and another collaboration book, which is, When Pink Becomes Your Favorite Color, and it focuses on, of course, breast cancer survivors. And so I'm looking for people with these amazing stories who wanna share their story with the world of how they overcame, how they survived it, and so I'm just, man, I'm just looking to collaborate because collaboration, man, you can go so much farther with others than you can by yourself. And so I'm just, I'm just grateful, man, just got a lot going on. I'm just grateful. Joseph: Yeah, no, that's amazing. Now you're also, besides just the preaching or the church, you also travel and speak, correct?

Orrick: Yes, yes.

Joseph: So guys, to give everybody our listeners a little backstory, the way, Orrick and I actually met was at a speaker competition. And it was, it was really great, it was a phenomenal thing Orrick and I ended up competing against each other multiple times and it pushed us both to some amazing limits, we learned a lot about each other, about our stories, you know, and ultimately it's like what were really created to do, and let's just share a message of hope, you know? And it was a great time, for both of us, really amazing speakers, you know, just a cool opportunity. That was the first time I'd actually been on a speaking competition at all.

Orrick: Yeah, me too.

Joseph: So an organized background is very similar, where in terms of, he's been preaching on stage, I've been preaching in churches for years, traveling the country, you know, different countries and speaking. So we have a lot of great similarities and and of course we're both writing books and doing a lot of different things together. So I'm excited or where, if you can give people some advice, you know, people that have gone through, I call it the hell in the hallway, life's hell, life's challenges, life's, you know, ‘cause we can sit there and say, a lot of people, I feel like they say, well, no one else has gone through what I've gone through, until you meet the very person that has gone through that. What encouragement can you give people either have gone through it or maybe that are still going through it. How can they get their victory, man? How can they get through what they're going through?

Orrick: Yeah, yeah. I'll say this, unexpected actions always create unscheduled miracles.

Joseph: Wow. Unexpected actions always create uncertain miracles.

Orrick: Unscheduled miracles.

Joseph: Unscheduled miracles.

Orrick: When back in:

Joseph: Geez. Come on, man.

Orrick: I'm like, Lord, I don't know what the, I don't know what this insurance policy is. I haven't been paying any premiums, I don't know what this is, what does this mean to me? I don't have an insurance policy, He said, you do now. I said, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. How you just going to create a insurance policy? He said, I've created everything else. And brother, when I tell you he made the same bank who tried to foreclose on us seven times and never could do it. He made them take out an insurance policy in our name and made them give us the money for it.

Joseph: Come on, man.

Orrick: Brother, when I tell you, creator communication has changed my life. That's why I want to tell people, look, create a communication, what it does, it creates creative collaboration, there is no greater collaboration than working with God. There is no greater collaboration than that.

Joseph: I'm writing this stuff down, brother. Creative communication, creates creative collaboration.

Orrick: Yes, and when I woke up, when I went to church anyway, that was the unexpected action, the unscheduled miracle was the insurance policy. So you got in order for you to overcome, don't follow your feelings, don't do what you feel because truth, the truth is I feel like staying in bed, what would've happened if I would not have answered what would've happened, if I would've never went to my home, I would've swept up my own blessing, I would've threw away my own provision if I would not have listened. So unexpected actions always create unscheduled miracles.

Joseph: Dude, that right there, man, that's like, that's a gold nugget right there, brother. Unexpected actions always create unscheduled miracles, creator communication creates creator collaboration.

Orrick: That's it, man.

t happened in Father's Day of:

Orrick: And think about those four individuals that were carrying their friend on that mat, right. So when they first showed up, they see the crowd immediately. That's gonna tell you, bruh, we can't, there's nothing we can do. We might as well go back home but they did the unexpected, they ripped the roof.

Joseph: They ripped the roof off, they ripped the roof off. Well, l look at the story of Blind Board of Meus. He hears Jesus coming in town and what does he say? It, the Bible says in different translations, says he cried out, son of David have mercy on me. Man. I don't know about you, but I, I've been to a football game or two in my lifetime, I've been to a concert or time. And imagine the guest speaker coming out, imagine the Hall of Fame quarterback coming out and everybody's yelling and screaming, how loud do you have to get in a crowd of people to grab the attention of the of the main, of Jesus of the Hall of Fame quarterback. How loud do, can you imagine how loud, blind Boad of Meus had to get to grab the attention of Jesus?

Orrick: Yeah, yeah. And they was trying to shut him up too.

Joseph: They were, be quiet, be quiet. You know, you don't belong here, you're blind. No, man. He's like, I've got to create that opportunity, that unexpected action, that yelling, that tearing off the roof, you know. So, brother, we can go on and on about this all day long, man. So, I wanna ask you a question, what does the words purpose through pain mean to you when you hear it?

Orrick: Man, you know, if we understand that pain is almost, it's the gatekeeper for success, that it is absolutely impossible to get to your destiny without pain. I used to, personal train for about 10 years and every client that I had to explain to them how painful that they're gonna be after a workout, but I showed them where they were going to be in a couple of months and they were willing to go through the pain just so they could fulfill the vision. And so if we have that same mentality that if I'm willing to go through the pain, if I'm willing to go through all of this, then I know that eventually it's going to pay off. I just, you can't exercise, you can't fulfill your purpose unless you go through some form of pain, it just won't happen.

Joseph: That's powerful, brother. And the thing is we don't have to go through it alone because we got that creator that we're communicating with, I love it, brother, I love it. Orrick, how can people get in touch with you? How can they reach out to you? How can they find a book? Okay, I wanna book myself, you know, I love what you're doing man, and I wanna be able to support you. But how can people get in contact with you or even find your book?

Orrick: Yeah, absolutely, of course, my website is orrickquick.com, and, you most definitely reach out to me that way. But I'm also very heavily on Facebook, on Instagram, Orrick Quick, and you can find the book on Amazon, both of my books are on Amazon. The first book is called Your Reign Is Over, Revealing the Enemy's Greatest Tactics. Like R E I G N, that type of reign. And, it basically teaches you how to be a spiritual warrior. And it converts you from a spiritual warrior to a spiritual protector, because once you become a spiritual warrior, you're not only, once you become a spiritual warrior, you're able to protect yourself, but now you wanna become a spiritual protector so you can protect your family. And so good, that's on Amazon as well. But then, Developed Thru Darkness: The Difference Between Being Planted and Being Buried, that's on Amazon as well. So you can most definitely find both of them on.

Joseph: Love that brother, love that man. Orrick, thank you so much for coming on the show, man.

Orrick: Thank you for having me, man.

Joseph: And yeah, we're gonna do a lot of great things, we're gonna speak on the stage differently next time. We won't be competing against each other.

Orrick: Absolutely man, absolutely man, absolutely.

Joseph: Love it, brother, love it. Well guys, Reach out to Orrick, order those books. I'm gonna go on and order some because I love about the spiritual warrior man, because I think we live in a generation of men truly don't know how to be protectors, you know? And so I definitely want to get that. But brother, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Orrick: Amen brother. Thank you so much, brother.

Joseph: Yes, sir.

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