Aren’t we on our deathbeds right now if our days are numbered? The difference is we’re walking throughout life and not lying still.

In this episode, Joseph talks about “If you were on your deathbed,” which was held in an Ultimate Speaker Competition. He shares his story, the breakthrough, trials, and tribulations.

As you walk through life, how you’re spinning your time? Are you just going throughout your day, your head buried in your phone, pacing back and forth, or are you living it purposefully?

On the deathbed of life that we walk through just doing our own thing, not paying attention, we’re missing out, and we’re living in regret of not being able to go back to spend time with the people that are no longer here. So when we’re going through life and have the chance, don’t wait until you can’t move anymore.

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Host: Joseph, Joseph's topic. Joseph, your topic is, if you were on your deathbed now, what would you regret and what would you do about him? Ladies and gentlemen, one more time, Joseph.

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