In this episode, Joseph James speaks with Sharron Keogh a women’s wellness expert who shows professional and entrepreneurial women transform their relationship with themselves so they can enjoy more clarity, have a greater sense of self-worth and self-belief, significantly improve wellness, and deeper connections with themselves and those around them. 

She has experienced the highs and lows of maintaining physical and mental health, working full time, having multiple side businesses, and having a social life! 

When Sharron was a child she was sexually abused, and this caused her to carry guilt and shame for years. As an adult, she had to learn how to let love in and let go of the shame. 

They speak about how we all have a reason that we are here, we just have to uncover it. Finding our purpose is where our ultimate happiness will come from. It starts with talking about our emotions.

In this episode:

How her childhood sexual abuse led her to become suicidal in her teen years. 

How she reestablished herself after hitting rock bottom.

How she mentally processed 2 miscarriages in 6 months.

How she found herself in a time where she had nothing going on, so she followed her passion. 

Key Takeaway:

Growing up with shame and finding ways to cope.

How she learned to make her pain worth it by helping others.

We all have a reason that we are here, we just have to uncover it. That is where our ultimate happiness will come from. 

Tweetable moments:

“How you look at things helps you process and move through things more powerfully.”

“We are all so unique. From our DNA to our personalities we are all here for a reason.”

“It’s so important to normalize talking about the uncomfortable parts of life.”

“I can create a new me.” – Joseph James 

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