For episode 101, Joseph wants to reintroduce himself, and share the goals he has for his won life and the mission he has for the podcast. If you are new here, welcome, and if you have been listening since episode 1, welcome back.

The Purpose Through Pain Podcast centers on personal stories that offer

life lessons on topics like rejection, grief, anxiety, and trauma.

Joseph James is a former U.S. Marine and Law Enforcement veteran,

business owner, father, motivational speaker and life coach. Joseph has

spoken in many venues across the nation and has helped thousands of

people understand their purpose in life. After his wife’s battle of

cancer, and the journey of pain his family went through, Joseph is now

coaching people that have gone through life’s struggles, pain and trauma

to help them not just find their purpose through pain but teach them to

take their pain and launch them into their destiny.

On This Episode:

  1. Joseph shares how he learned to deal with feelings of abandonment, rejection, and abuse.
  2. Learn the danger of trying to always be a fixer in your relationships.
  3. Joseph shares how he always sought approval from others.
  4. Hear Joseph’s vision for the future of the Purpose Through Pain Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The number one place you need to look for help is within.
  2. The pain we experience has a reason for it.
  3. We can’t touch what we can’t feel.

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