(Replay) Time and life can pass us by very quickly. Are we making the best use of it? That is the topic of today’s solo episode.

Time is the one thing that every living being on this planet has in common. None of us know exactly how much time we will have here on this planet, but it is up to us to make the most of it. Time is so easy to take advantage of, but if you don’t use it wisely, it will go away and you can never get it back.

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You've survived the worst, trauma, loss, rejection. The reality is, your pain can be a crutch, or it can be the thing that launches you. You're listening to the purpose through pain podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping you experience true freedom and breakthrough. tune in each week as guests share their incredible life lessons from their personal stories, and hear from experts who can give you the tools you need to stop surviving, and start thriving.


Here to help you find purpose through your pain is your host, Joseph James.


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So he got to the point that I was so driven that I was dismissive to people. And I didn't even realize it, I would yell at the kids for wanting me to. They'd asked me to go outside and play. And I go outside and play but I'd have my phone in my hand. And I was glued to my phone trying to answer messages, emails, text owners about their dogs. And I remember one time my daughter saying Dad, why won't you just set your phone down and I yell at her. I yelled at her. And I said, you know why you had that basketball? Do you know why we have that basketball goal? It's because daddy works so he can afford it. But at the heart of a a nine year old at that time. She didn't. She didn't grasp that. Because they don't understand the meaning of work or the meaning of working for money and providing for things. But yeah, I was trying to justify to a nine year old that the reason she can have a basketball is because daddy works instead of just taking that time at magic word. That so profound, powerful word time. See for the last two years of my life at that moment, I have been grinding so hard at my job. But it wasn't just the last two years it was actually pretty much our whole marriage. I had jobs that I was constantly on the phone and I know never took the time to be present. You can be in the same room with somebody and not be present. And this is the point that I'm getting at right here. When all that happened, and it crushed me, man, it crushed me, I cried, a cried and I cried, and I cried, and I cried. And still to this day, it takes a toll on me when I think about the story, or think about what happened, because there's not a thing I can do. It's not a thing I can say, there's not a prayer, I can pray that we'll take any of that back. But at that moment, I realized right then in there, you never realize how much time you have to spend with someone until they're no longer there to spend time with. Very powerful statement. But that was my reality at the moment. And so this is what I want to leave with you guys today. I want to encourage you, when you are present with somebody, when you're in the midst of somebody's company, whether that's physically whether that's over the phone, however that may be, be present, make time for them. I'm living through something right now that I even in the midst of changing all those things, I've still made some mistakes about not being or setting time for people in the midst of doing other things, when that's all they were really asking for. And I didn't see it. I didn't see that that moment. And all I could do is, you know, pray and pray for healing in that aspect, or in that person's life as well as mine. And so, in your current situation, whether it's at work, whether it's in your marriage in a up and coming relationship, or establish relationship, within business, whatever it may be, be present. For the people that are in your lives, your children, your co workers, your significant other, the person that you're dating, whomever it may be, don't go to bed mat. Don't hang up on somebody be disrespectful and rude and hang up on them. Because you just honestly never know. That may be the last time you get to hear their voice. That may be the last time you receive or send a text message to them. That may be the last time that you're able to play basketball or sit on the couch and watch a movie. Or even say the words I love you. So I just encourage you today, no matter what you're going through, no matter your past, you only get one mom you only get one dad natural anyways. You don't get to, to redo things over and over again. But in some aspects I get that we do with marriages and you know step parents and things like that. But with what you have, find the time to be present, find and make the time to be in their life. Make the time to be a part of who they are. Make the time so that when time is gone, is no longer there. You can look back and say you know what? I spent every bit of time I possibly could with a person that I loved with a person that I wanted to be with, with my future


with my kids with the present don't come to that realization that I did. A realization of you never realize how much time you have to spend with someone until they're no longer there to spend time with. I love you guys and I want to leave you with this. If you will change your mindset, you will change your world.


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