This is a very special episode. Joseph James was a featured speaker at the Self Love Revolution Summit that was streamed worldwide. 

Joseph tells his whole story, including how he overcame hatred with his father and how he found the real purpose behind his pain. 

He is interviewed by Jonathan Troen, a self-love mentor, life mastery coach, and creator of the Self Love Revolution Summit. He preaches self-love. Self-love is a skill you teach yourself and perfect, it is something that we need to work on daily. 

The Self Love Revolution Summit was a free online event from November 3rd – 7th, 2021. You will meet the experts who have mastered the art of self-love and learn how to enhance your relationships, find financial freedom, and start living a happier, more loving life.

Tweetable Moments:

“Sometimes we forgive others, and never forgive ourselves.” – Joseph James

“A lot of people going through pain just need someone to talk to.” – Joseph James

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