Do you feel like your life is perfect on paper, but you are feeling disconnected and unfilled? This is the episode for you. 

In this episode, Joseph James is joined by Jacqueline Shaulis. She loves helping people transform their lives. Jacqueline is an introvert, but by listening to this episode. She wants to let all introverts know that you can be introverted and still influential and to not let others put you into a stereotype. 

From a challenging upbringing and self-harm to being a teenage published author, broadcast journalist, and college instructor, Jacqueline Shaulis leveraged her successes, failures, quirks, and proficiencies to become an international speaker, bestselling author, and advisor to hundreds. She is the Founder and Chief Empress of Awesome Enterprises LLC.

Awesome is an acronym: Amazing Works of Expressing Serving Others with Maximize Enjoyment. 

Jacqueline’s motto: “Embracing your awesome is the radical act of saving yourself to save others. It is moving from a life that’s “perfect on paper” to being truly seen, heard, and respected.”

She is the voice for introverted women of color.

In this episode:

Jacqueline wrote and published her first book at the age of 11. 

She was on her first international stage and won awards for speaking at age 14.  

How she embraces all aspects of herself, so she can help heal other people.

If Jacqueline said yes to the things people expected of her, she would not be where she is today. 


Key takeaways:

You can be introverted and still influential.

Envision the things you truly want, even if it is not reality, and follow that dream. 

Other people do not know what you went through to achieve your wins. They only see the final result. 

How to use your pain to find your awesomeness. 

Tweetable Moments:

“Trauma allowed me to have a greater sensitivity to others.” – Jacqueline Shaulis

“Pain is like glue.” – Joseph James

“Even though your trauma happened, it was of value and paving the way for others to be transformed generationally.” – Jacqueline Shaulis

“I may not know what your pain has done to you, but I know what pain can do.” – Joseph James

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