Dealing with unresolved and unhealed trauma from youth is not easy, but so important for personal growth. In this episode, Joseph speaks with Davette Wheat about her trauma from her first love and how she uses numerology to better understand her life purpose.   

She had an amazing childhood and grew up in a family where her parents deeply loved each other, but she found herself in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. This caused her to become very self-destructive and destructive in her own relationships.

She met her ex-husband in high school. She believed that him being emotionally abusive was just him caring about her. The relationship became abusive, and he hit her when she was pregnant with their second child. She held resentment for him for 14 years. 

After this abuse, and heartbreak from the man she dated after her husband, she realized she didn’t want to take anyone’s bs anymore. She is now a coach for women and is a Christian numerologist. She has found her purpose and reason for life by understanding numbers. Numbers and numerology are all over the bible, and it ties into who we are. There is a reason you were born, and she has found that numerology is the best way to find out. She uses numerology in her past job as a collector and now uses it in her coaching program to help people in a way that will help them. 

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