(Replay) Most people deal with pain in their life by avoiding or numbing the feelings they have. When Joseph James was growing up, he coped with his pain by avoiding putting himself in uncomfortable situations. All throughout his childhood, and even into adulthood this avoidance continued.

In this episode, Joseph shares tips to deal with your trauma and pain head-on, and stop feeling shame and emptiness. Listeners, if you are avoiding painful situations and not attempting to find a resolution, this episode is for you.

Trauma almost always leads to shame, and we as humans try to do everything we can to avoid the feeling of shame. Shame showed up in Joseph’s life by needing approval from his parents, friends, coaches, and mentors. He had to look within himself to seek his own approval and not need others’ approval.

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Please share this episode with anyone in your life who is experiencing trauma or pain, this podcast is all about helping others find their Purpose Through Pain.

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