Jonathan is a self-love mentor, life mastery coach, and creator of the Self Love Revolution Summit. He preaches self-love. Self-love is a skill you teach yourself and perfect, it is something that we need to work on daily. 

The Self Love Revolution Summit is a free online event. You will meet the experts who have mastered the art of self-love and learn how to enhance your relationships, find financial freedom, and start living a happier, more loving life.

Joseph James is a featured speaker during this summit, you can sign up for free at this link:

Jonathan worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years was doing something that he thought was making him happy, but he realized he was not actually happy, so he changed his life. He realized that his definition of success and the actual definition of success were very different. He has all the physical attributes to make himself happy, but no matter how successful he became, he never became happy. 

He went on a journey to figure out what was wrong with him and why he was not happy. At the end of his journey, he realized that nothing was actually wrong with him, he just was not living in the moment. He was postponing happiness until he was more successful, and there was a huge disconnect. 

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